A US Located Data Center



The data center in Chicago, Illinois, can be placed amongst the finest data center facilities inside the United States of America. It has top–notch server hardware configurations, a completely redundant network as well as a team of qualified administrators. 

The USA data center is owned by Steadfast Networks, a well-known co-location provider in the Chicago area. It is equipped with various high capacity connections to multiple carriers to ensure uptime, speed consistency and redundancy. The data center is staffed 24/7 and has redundant UPS backup and an on-site 1.5 MW diesel generator

A top class US located data center


As a valued hosting client of Hostrina, you’re going to enjoy all the benefits associated with the world–class data center positioned in Chicago, state of Illinois. It’s operated by the reputable US company Steadfast Networks. They provide the actual physical conditions required for maintaining the web hosting servers in action 24/7.

All of the machines in the US located data center are made with the help of high–end hardware elements. Hostrina’s well–built interior network uses Juniper routers and switches.


A completely redundant network

redundant network

Our US located data center features a fully reliable network. Although our interior network includes Juniper routers and switches, along with heavily revised software, they use Cisco products. The network is 100% meshed and dependable using various major backbone providers.

Thanks to this extraordinary network configuration, we’re able to provide a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all our hosting solutions – Linux cloud website hosting packages, Linux VPS serverssemi-dedicated servers and Linux dedicated servers.

Optimal route selection


With numerous years of excellent operations, our US located data center has evolved a fantastic peering network, which includes primary backbone suppliers, like Layer(3), NTT and nLayer, which happen to be on the list of major network companies. BGP is used for the best route choice and automatic failover purposes.

We can easily deliver first–rate connection rates not merely across the United States, but worldwide as well. In case you host your site inside our US located data center, it will load as quickly as possible from any location.

Optimal route selection
99.9% network uptime

A 99.9% network uptime warranty


A group of proficient server administrators is on–site 24/7/365 to ensure an amazing 100% uptime for the server network. In addition to the excellent network conditions, we have provided top–class server equipment, that allows us to guarantee a 99.9% server uptime with all Hostrina’s web hosting products and services.

Plus, we have decreased the sporadic service disruptions by making a custom cloud website hosting system where server load is uniformly allocated in between a group of units, so you’ll never ever go through outages if a various user is loading the web server. Also, because of an adjustment we have made to the Linux–based server Operating System, we are able to bring or take out computers at any time and your sites are not going to go through any downtime.

Well looked after and reliable hosting servers


Our personal server network incorporates a multitude of web servers, which are being tracked 24/7/365. If anything occurs with any service on our web servers, our smart alert system is going to straightaway let the system administrators know. We’ve also constructed an SMS notification system, that can inform our server administrators if the issue is not taken care of.

Inside our US located data center we maintain testing servers, production servers, backup servers, as well as administrative, spare and dedicated servers. In addition, we have a range of master VPS machines plus some semi–dedicated servers.

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