Account Cancellation / Termination

If you are thinking to leave Hosrina  - feel free to talk to us first to see if we can assist you further or address any concerns you have.  If you really want to leave, we will be sorry to see you go - but we won't stop you!

Cancellations for specific services must be submitted from within your client account by following the instructions below. Please allow 7 days prior to the end of your billing cycle.  Our billing system is automated and if you do not allow enough time, your credit card or account may be charged and you will still be liable for these charges.

IMPORTANT  If you wish to cancel your entire account, please open a support ticket.


  • Please read our Cancellation Policy, terms and conditions
  • The above steps will allow you to cancel specific services.  If you wish to close your entire account with us, please make this known to us by opening a support ticket.
  • Account Termination means all service(s) that you are currently subscribed to will be fully and irrevocably removed from our systems, including (where relevant) the permanant cancellation of the following services;
      * website files, programmes, apps and any related software or settings
      * website hosting and all related settings
      * domain names and any related DNS records
      * email accounts / historical emails and any related settings
      * social media campaigns / related images, forms, data or service related files
      * current and historical data and all file / data backups related to your service(s)
      * any Google Service(s) we manage on your behalf
      * any and all other services / products / data we manage on your behalf

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    Once termination has occurred, restoration may not be possible. You should therefore ensure that you have backed up any files / databases / email etc that you wish to retain and transferred all domain names, webhosting and/or emails and any other services that you have subscribed to with us.

    Once your account has been terminated, you will need to create a new account if you wish to utilise any of our services again.
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